A4008 SCSI/RAM Product Information



Based on GVP's award-winning Series II SCSI interface products, the A4008 provides a low-cost workhorse SCSI interface solution for Amiga 4000, 3000, and 2000 owners. It installs into a standard Zorro slot and provides an internal SCSI port, external SCSI port, up to 8MB of 16-bit RAM expansion, and room to mount a 3.5" hard drive directly to the card. It is a proud member of GVP's award-winning multi-functional Amiga products.

One of the hardest decisions about purchasing or upgrading to an Amiga 4000 is, "What do I do with all of my SCSI devices?" Look no further than the A4008! It provides access to 7 SCSI devices all at the same time! And it's proven SCSI driver means that it is compatible with virtually any SCSI device available.

DMA SCSI-II Interface Design DMA allows the transfer of data to and from a SCSI device without slowing down any other tasks in the system. Data will always be transferred as fast as possible, even under heavy multitasking loads.
Uses GVP's high-performance FAAASTROM SCSI Driver The A4008 has an onboard EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) containing our award-winning FAAASTROM SCSI driver. With over 100,000 units shipped, this guarantees the best performance and compatibility with virtually any SCSI device ever made.
Includes FAAASTPREP hard disk installation software. Use our FAAASTPREP 2.0 program for simple, easy-to-use, prepping and partitioning on any hard drives connected the A4008. This is our fourth generation of hard disk installation software while most competitors are still working with their first generation...
"Hard Disk Card" Expansion Capability The A4008 has room to mount a 3.5" hard drive directly to the board to become the ultimate hard disk card, leaving all Zorro-II slots and drive bays in your Amiga free for other uses!
Up to 8MB of RAM Expansion The A4008 offers up to 8MB of 16-bit RAM expansion. For those memory-hungry programs the A4008 offers a way to expand your memory up to 8MB using readily available industry standard 1MB SIMM modules.
Uses SIMMs memory modules SIMMs (Single Inline Memory Modules) are a convenient and rugged method for adding RAM to a system. These miniature circuit boards simply snap in place in a socket and the memory is installed!
Designed using Surface Mount Technology (SMT) GVP has been using Surface Mount Technology since late 1990 because it means higher reliability and longer life.
One-Year warranty Buying a GVP product will give you peace of mind knowing that we will be around to service your current and future needs.

System Requirements

The A4008 requires an Amiga 4000, 3000, or 2000 with an available Zorro slot. If installed in an Amiga 2000, it also requires at least Kickstart 1.3 or higher.