DSS8+ Product Information



The successor to our popular DSS8 sampler, this 8-bit digital sound sampling hardware interface is the quietest, most professional and most attractive yet made. Assembled with high-impact, non-yellowing, clear polycarbonate, this is the sound sampler to own for the Amiga! It includes multifaceted software for sampling, editing, song composition, and playback of monophonic and stereo sound samples as well as the popular .MOD song files.

Connects directly to the parallel port on ALL Amiga systems (A1000 requires an adapter, Tower models require an extension cable) and is secured with two non-removable thumbscrews. Since this sampler's hardware performs channel selection during stereo sampling, the Amiga's processor is far less taxed than with other designs. This is very important to unaccellerated Amiga owners.

The long-shafted, knurled thumbscrews are part of a new, hi-tech design for DSS8+. The tapered neck and rounded corners along with a slim, crystal-clear case design provide for an attractive and secure interface to the host Amiga.

The user can select from either monaural or stereo input via the two RCA line-level jacks or connect a microphone to the microphone jack for voice or mixed sampling. The addition of the mic jack precludes the use of clumsy adapters or constant changes of connections at the back of the Amiga.

A new utility is now provided with a point-and-click interface, allowing the user to "pop-up" a control panel in front of virtually any screen or program. It provides slider controls for left and right input levels, frequency filter setting and even sampler reference level settings for use on multiple Amigas with top-notch results. This utility is provided with multi-lingual support (English, French and German) as well as configurability through a choice of hot-keys. Users will be able to access and adjust the custom features of this new hardware for use with other software sampling programs. A second utility is also provided offering an ARexx port for the sampler hardware. Programmers will now be able to directly control the hardware without the need for the DSS software program.

One of the most significant advantages of this new design is its outstanding quality of reproduction and its lack of interference or 'noise'. The user is able to adjust input levels through 256 steps for both the right and left channels independently to provide optimum response for either very loud or very quiet source material. The option is even provided for "Auto Gain" whereby the software "listens" to the incoming audio material and sets itself to the best level. In addition to input level controls and sampler reference levels, there is an integrated filter, programmable through 128 steps, to enhance the quality of your sampled source material. This filter also has an "Auto" function to allow it to correctly set a filter level in conjunction with the sample rate selected. The graphical interface design makes this a productive piece of software for the novice as well as the seasoned veteran.

DSS8+ offers all the tools needed to create and develop sound effects and audio segments for presentations. Its output is compatible with a wide range of Multimedia applications such as Scala, MediaPoint and AmigaVision.

DSS8+ will create the quietest, cleanest audio samples yet seen from an 8-bit sampler in the Amiga market, making it the ideal tool of any multimedia specialist or audio enthusiast.

Features and Benefits

DSS8+ Hardware Very low noise design Improved hardware now provides incredibly clean audio samples for more dynamic range with less hiss. This provides the best possible sound reproduction quality now available in an 8-bit sampler.
Programmable filter Prevents "aliasing" or "ringing" in a sound sample. This provide very accurate control and improves the quality of samples.
Channel selection for stereo input is performed in hardware The Amiga's processor is freed up to handle other tasks (VERY significant in unaccellerated systems!)
New physical design (interlocked thumbscrews) High reliability and a more positive connection while retaining an easy-to-remove design. Solid connections reduce the risk of incidental damage to the host Amiga. More visually appealing.
Separate microphone input jack Allows simple integration of microphone and line input "on the fly" as well as removing the need for constant changes of inputs.
DSS Software Multipurpose software Allows for high-speed (up to 51,136 samples per second) sampling, full-function editing as well as 'multi-tracking' complete songs (.MODs) all in one program.
Friendly user-interface It won't take you long to master the controls of the DSS software. All of the buttons contain images that represent their function to make it easy to find just what you need on the screen.
Waveform monitoring Allows you to see and adjust the incoming audio signal in real-time BEFORE you digitize a sample, making sure you get clean, professional results the first time!

System Requirements

The DSS8+ software requires a minimum of 1MB of RAM and Kickstart/Workbench 1.3 or higher.

Recommended Additional Equipment

To make your use of DSS8+ more enjoyable, we recommend the following additional equipment: