TBCPlus Product Information

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 TBCPlus is an internal broadcast quality video processing card for the Amiga that:

The TBCPlus is a normal Zorro II Amiga Card that can be installed in any open Zorro slot of the Amiga A2000/A3000(T)/A4000(T).

 Up to Five (yes five!) TBCPlus cards can be installed in a single A2000/A3000T/A4000T and independently controlled. Maximum of four cards in the A3000/A4000. Will NOT overload the A3000's or A4000's power supply when the maximum of four TBCPlus units are installed.

 Utility control software is included to use and control all features of the TBCPlus under Amiga DOS 2.0 or greater. Full featured professional video image processing and paint software is also available (ImageFX).

8-bit 4:2:2 (CCIR-601) Digital signal processing of video.  Professional quality digital video processing means broadcast quality video output with no "pots" or "tweaking" needed. 
Infinite window time-base-correction.  Allows the TBCPlus to be used in an array of video setups: desktop video to studio applications with VCR/VTRs, laser disks, cameras, satellite feeds, etc. 
Real-time digital video processing (Proc Amp+) amplifier.  Full control over video output for signal enhancement and correction with professional results. 
Built-in Real-time 16.7 million video frame-grabber.  Video can be captured and manipulated using image processing software, such as ImageFX. Using the included software, the TBCPlus can also double as an electronic video stillstore and signal generator. 
Built-in 16.7 million video frame-buffer, expandable to two frames.  Paint in 16.7 million colors using professional paint software. Double-buffered animation is also possible when two frames of video memory are present. 
Three channel video input switcher for both composite and Y/C.  Allows multiple video sources to be processed by the TBCPlus and "Hot" switching between the sources. 
Composite and Y/C input with simultaneous composite and Y/C output.  Full video transcoding between Composite and Y/C formats. 
With full control of hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, horizontal phasing, chrominance bandwidth and gain, chrominance delay, luminance filtering with programmable peaking and coring, luminance delay, SC-H phase adjustment, genlock to output delay, SC fine frequency adjustment, and color-killer thresholds. 
At resolutions of 720x484 for NTSC or 720x576 for PAL.
FEATURE (cont'd)  BENEFIT (cont'd) 
Convert from NTSC/PAL/SECAM to NTSC/PAL video standards.  Allows for very flexible video standard conversion for true worldwide applications. 
Professional Video special effects generator for solarization, pseudo color, strobe, freeze, monochrome, etc.  Allows the TBCPlus to be a major part of your video production solution by providing professional video effects. 
Both Genlock/Reference (BBI) input and Advance-Sync output.  Allows the TBCPlus to be easily integrated into any video production suite. 
Composite Keyer with external digital Key input.  Allows an external digital keyer to key reference video over the composite output for special effects. 
TBCPlus is expandable via GVP's exclusive Digital Features Bus (DFB) and Video Expansion Bus (VEB) technologies.  Allows for future expansion of the capabilities of the TBCPlus for video editing using JPEG/MPEG boards, 3D DVE generators, Amiga genlock/encoder boards, etc. 
Amiga FAST RAM expansion of 0, 2, or 8 megs of memory via SIMMs.  Provides applications with more memory such as the available image processing and paint software. Transparent DMA transfer of images to/from this memory for faster, professional results. 
Software control panels (Intuition based) with full AREXX and CLI interfaces. Unlimited custom setups can be saved and recalled.  Instant point and click control of all functions. User selectable configuration of the control panel for custom applications. 
Optional Digital Comb Filter module.  Provides 5.5Mhz wide-band operation even on composite video signals and removes the cross-color or "hanging dots" video artifacts of composite video. Produces even higher quality video output. 
Optional Full SMPTE/EBU time-code receiver/generator operating in VITC and LTC formats.  Allows applications to both read or generate time-code for video editing applications. Control software can be instructed to grab or freeze selected video frames or induce other video special effects. 
Optional external Remote-control box expandable.  Allows the TBCPlus to be remotely controlled for those video professionals that demand "hands-on" control. Some functions may be user programmable for custom applications. 
Works in 30Hz, 29.97Hz, 25Hz, 24Hz drop frame and color frame modes. Can put a SMPTE burn-in window anywhere over the video.


 TBCPlus can convert standards: PAL-B/G,-H,-I (50Hz) to/from PAL-N (50Hz), NTSC4.43 (50Hz) bidirectionally. Conversion from SECAM to any 50Hz standard is also programmable. Conversion of NTSC-M (60Hz) to/from NTSC4.43(60Hz), PAL-M (60Hz) can also occur bidirectionally. Some of the major standards along with their applicable regions are listed below:


 The TBCPlus is a vital addition to any professional Amiga video production system. Owners of the Newtek Video Toaster can use the TBCPlus to time-base-correct the input video using multiple cards and perform unlimited DVE effects between video sources from consumer grade VCRs. IV-24 users can use TBCPlus to convert "dirty" VCRs or other low-quality sources into broadcast quality for use in titling, picture-in-picture, genlocking, etc. The TBCPlus can be used in a stand-alone fashion as the main video processing card for animations, commercial illustration, video special effects, image analysis, software warping or morphing of images, video paintbox applications, and many more.


Advanced Software Control  Poor  Poor  Poor  Poor 
ARexx Control  Y16 
Direct ImageFX Support 
Professional Paint Support (EGS Paint) 
Built-in Test Signal Generator (Programmable)  Y17 
Requires Single Slot  N18 
# of Stored Setups  Infinite  10 
Uses Serial Port for Control  N19  N19 
Broadcast Quality 
Drop Out Compensation Circuit 
Low Power Consumption 
US List Price  $ 695  $ XXX  $ XXX  $ XXX  $ XXX  $ XXX  $ XXX  $ XXX  $ XXX
1 Separate NTSC and PAL versions available at increased cost to user. 
2 Requires NovaLox full-length Genlock/Ref card ($ EXTRA). 
3 Requires Optional Genlock Kit ($ 150.00 Extra). 
4 Advanced sync must be jumpered as output, giving up loop-thru on Ref inputs. 
5 TBCPlus has Two composite input channels and one Y/C input channel (two Y/C input channels if Y is connected to CVBS2 and C is connected to CVBS1). 
6 Requires Optional S-Video Kit ($ 100.00 Extra). 
7 Older TBCard was CVBS or Y/C input but CVBS output only. 
8 Converts by non-blurring/non-averaging interpolation system. Please note that modes that convert from 60Hz field rate standards to other 60Hz field rate standard (i.e. same field rates) will be broadcast quality regardless of color encoding standard. Conversion from one field rate to a different field rate, such as converting 60Hz field rate standards to 50Hz field rate standards will only be of viewable quality. 
9 Requires setting hard to find jumper on main board. 
10 Choice of 14 or 21 blanked lines. 
11 TBCPlus is fully expandable using GVP's custom Digital Features BusTM and Video Expansion BusTM to add new and exciting features such as full non-linear editing and full-motion JPEG compression, complex 3-D DVE effects, Amiga Genlock/Encoder, and RGB/YUV output for MII/BetaSP. 
12 Custom CVETM port for DPS Personal Animation JPEG Recorder. 
13 Expandable from 0 Megabyte to 2 Megabytes, or 8 Megabytes using industry standard SIMM (single in-line memory module) boards. 
14 Expandable by using GVP custom Video SIMM board. One frame of video for each Video SIMM board installed. 
15 Remote is NOT programmable by application software. 
16 Very limited, few commands. 
17 Requires NewTek VideoToasterTM, pre-recorded test patterns only. 
18 NovaMate with NovaLox Genlock/Ref board requires two full-length slots! 
19 Controllable from included Remote control box Only.
TBCPlus Technical Specifications 
Host  Commodore Amiga 2000, 3000(T) and 4000 
Communication and frame grabber transfer through Zorro bus expansion slot 
Inputs  Note: The video inputs may come from a variety of video sources (i.e. VCR/VTR, laserdisk, still camera, camcorder, studio feed, etc.) with different levels of input quality and in a variety of signal formats. 
Three software switchable CVBS and Y/C (intermixed) Channels w/AGC: 
Channel #1: 
Composite Video Port #1 BNC jack  1 V p-p / 75 W ohm 
or separate Y2 input port in Y/C mode  1 V p-p / 75 W ohm 
Channel #2: 
Composite Video Port #2 BNC jack  1 V p-p / 75 W ohm 
or separate C2 (burst) input port in Y/C mode  286 mV-300mV p-p / 75 W ohm 
Channel #3: 
Y/C Video Port #1 4-pin mini-DIN (S-VHS) compatible connector 
Note: The Y/C inputs (#1 and #2) have the following levels: 
NTSC -  Y @ 1 V p-p / 75 W ohm, C (burst) @ 286 mV p-p / 75 W ohm 
PAL -  Y @ 1 V p-p / 75 W ohm, C (burst) @ 300 mV p-p / 75 W ohm 
One Black-Burst (Reference/Genlock) Input Channel: 
BBI Input BNC jack  BBI @ 440 mV p-p to 4V p-p / 75 W ohm or Hi-Z 
Note: When the BBI signal is not present the TBCPlus locks the color-burst and sync timing to the internal Broadcast-quality digital sync generator for accurate color framing. When the black burst signal is present, the encoder will lock both the SC-H phase and sync timing to the broadcast-quality external reference for output timing. If time-code or other vertical interval information is present on the BBI signal, the TBCPlus can output this information on the CVBS output as well if desired. This signal can also be keyed over the selected input channel or frame-buffer contents for special effects via the EXTKEY input channel. 
One External Key Input Channel: 
EXTKEY Input BNC jack  TTL Level - Programmable polarity 
One SMPTE (LTC) Audio-Level Input Channel (if SMPTE option is installed): 
SMPTE Input RCA jack  Audio Level 
Note: This input channel can receive LTC data in forward or backward direction at a rate from 1/30th to 80X nominal frame rates in SMPTE and EBU formats. 
Outputs  One Composite Video Genlocked Output: 
CVBS BNC Jack  1 V p-p / 75 W ohm 
One Separate Y/C Genlocked Output Channel: 
S-Video Compatible Output, 4 pin mini-DIN jack 
NTSC Y/C 3.58 -  Y @ 1 V p-p / 75 W ohm, C (burst) @ 286 mV p-p / 75 W ohm 
PAL Y/C 4.43 -  Y @ 1 V p-p / 75 W ohm, C (burst) @ 300 mV p-p / 75 W ohm 
One Advance-Sync Output: 
ADSYN BNC jack  4 V p-p or 2 V p-p / 75 W ohm 
Advance Composite Sync output signal 4.1mS ahead of CVBS output. 
One SMPTE (LTC) Output Channel (if SMPTE option is installed): 
SMPTE Output RCA jack  Two modes: Analog Audio Level or Digital level 
Analog Output:  Audio-Line level with programmable gain from -24dB to +9dB 
Digital Output:  TTL level
TBCPlus Technical Specifications continued 
Environmental  Operating Temperature  + 32°F (0°C) to +113°F (45°C) 
Operating Humidity  10 % to 90% Non-Condensing 
Power Dissipation  8 Watts 
Full length ZORRO II card